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Unwinding's It Rains When She Arrives

Tonight's rec: It Rains When She Arrives by unwinding (aka August), Giles/Buffy, season 6, FRM. Giles is tired of Watching. Buffy refuses to let him go.

What can I say about this story? It's beautiful, sad, intelligent, and chock-full of marvelous imagery. I read it over and over all week and have decided it may just be the most perfect piece of fan fiction ever. Reread this one, guys. It's wonderful.

The Once and Future Watcher by Lears Daughter

Today's rec: A Merlin/BtVS crossover fic in which our man Rupert Giles is also King Uther. The cause for Giles' time traveling adventure is the death of a main character, but please don't let that fact deter you. This story is well written, and, besides, in the wonderful world of fiction, death doesn't necessarily mean a character is gone for good.

Read The Once and Future Watcher by lears_daughter (Giles/Buffy if you squint, FRT, post-series), and lose yourself in the magic.

Believe or Not (The Courtship of Rupert Giles Remix) and The Need to Believe

Tonight's rec: Believe It Or Not (The Courtship of Rupert Giles Remix) (Giles/OFC), pre-series, by Thecarlysutra and the fic from which it was mixed, anyjay's The Need to Believe (Giles, Buffy, gen), post-Cruciamentum.

anyjay explains why Giles tried to sabotage Buffy's Cruciamentum, and Thecarlysutra takes it a step further and shows what happened between Giles and his father's Slayer right before her Cruciamentum. Good reads. Don't miss these ones, kiddos.
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Two B/G Fics (with an extra side of Ethan) for your Saturday

It is just about still Saturday here, so this isn't late, technically. :)

Today's recs are both by froxyn One To Remember features the Giles/Ethan pairing. Giles is lonely and getting drunk when Ethan turns up on his doorstep. Giles is surprised, especially considering the last time he saw him, Ethan was being hauled away by The Initiative. Ethan realises why Giles is unhappy and proceeds to do something about it, only to be interrupted by Buffy.

The follow-up fic, Only You, continues immediately where One To Remember ends. Buffy decides to join Giles and Ethan for a bit of fun, only ... it is more than that for both of them. Feelings are admitted and there is a happy ending for our Watcher and Slayer. Along the way we are treated to a wonderfully hot scene between the three main characters.

In closing today, I would like to say that this will be my last Saturday rec for a while. laurtew  is also stepping down. She asked me to pass along her thanks to everyone and to say that she has thoroughly enjoyed her time here. It has been a lot of fun, but we both have busy schedules and feel it is the right time to take a break. I hope you've all enjoyed reading the recs as much as we've enjoyed posting them.
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A Rupert/Ethan Story FRAO

 I'm sorry this is so late. It was a long day.

Today's pick is a Rupert/Ethan story. It's set after the show is over (I think). Rupert calls Ethan to his office in the Council Headquarters. Whatever could he want? It's written from Ethan's POV and with it's FRAO rating, it's hot! It's called Ex Officio by Spaklebutch.

I hope you enjoy it. Have a great weekend and happy reading!
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A Rec For Your Saturday

 Hey all. I hope you are having a great weekend.

My children have been on their Easter/Spring break this week and this has not left me with much time to read.

My rec this week is a Buffy/Giles fic. Heart to Heart Conversation by Cap. This fic is set after Graduation. Giles is tired and wondering why Buffy didn't consult him before she let Angel bite her. This is something I have always wondered and Giles asks why Buffy didn't have him draw a bag of blood and just give it to Angel. Our duo kiss and Buffy's inner monologue is quite fun to read.

Happy reading!
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3 Short Stories

 Hey all, I'm back!  I'm in my new house and, while I'm still living out of boxes, I can at least find the kitchen. A big thanks to Ann for taking my rec last week. I didn't have internet until Monday.

Anywhom, my first rec of the day is short, but I liked the concept. Giles, Willow, and Xander are at his flat. So is Olivia. It's after the Gentlemen and she is there asking him to leave with her. She tells him that he has no reason to stay there, after all, he's not the Watcher anymore. The ending says it all. It's called Why I Stay by Angelus2hot and I think it really sums up how needed he was.

My second choice is also short. It's set in season three, literally right at the end of Helpless. How was Buffy feeling? Could she forgive Giles? If so how? This is some beautiful writing and it takes us into the mind of the Slayer, helps us see how she was feeling. It's called After all, she was the Slayer by KateKat.

My last pic is a 300 word drabble. It's a Buffy/Giles piece. I'm actually very impressed that in 300 words, the writer can take us on a journey though Buffy's mind, how she got from, "He's my Watcher, eeww" to "I want him so badly", to that first kiss. It's totally worth the read. It's called Prompt 8 Drabble (Okay, I'm pretty sure it doesn't have a name) by Willowschild.

I hope you have a good weekend and happy reading!
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Giles/Oz (With A Side Of Ethan) For Your Saturday

 As laurtew is busy moving house this weekend, I've stepped in to cover her rec. 

Sorry for the lateness of this rec. It's my son's 7th birthday today and we've been busy celebrating. 

I can't say I've read an awful lot of the Giles/Oz pairing, but the title of this fic alone was enough to capture my interest. The Baleful, Ingenious, and Curious Memory-Theater of One Ethan Rayne by Glossolalia is set during the summer between seasons 3 and 4. Buffy and Willow are busy, Xander is working and Giles needs help. He calls upon Oz. Sunnydale is hosting the 62nd Annual Town Carnival. The problem is, no-one can remember there being any previous carnivals. Rated: FRT.
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Two Giles/Ethan Fics

 Hi all,

This week I've gone back to my favourite pairing in this fandom. There is something about the spark between Giles and Ethan that grabs my interest every time.

My first rec today is Getting To The Point by psychoadept Set during season 7, shortly after Lies My Parents Told Me. This fic starts with Giles being visited by Ethan. Having already endured visits by The First in the guise of Jenny, Giles automatically assumes Ethan is just another apparition. If Ethan is who he says he is, he is going to have to prove himself to Giles. One sure way to prove Ethan is real is for Giles to feel Ethan's magic and this, in turn, leads to the pair becoming intimate. This fic is rated FRAO and I have to say, it is nice to see Giles getting a little bit of much needed comfort during season 7.

My second and final rec today is a shorter piece entitled Long Distance Lover by fides Although Ethan isn't physically with Giles, he is working his own brand of magic on our favourite Watcher's body. Considering what happens when these two are together, perhaps this is the best way for them to continue a relationship - one with all the benefits and none of the beatings for Ethan! :)